Cartoon! Answers


Do you have a cartoon drawing-related question that you've been REALLY wanting to ask? Good stuff! Because here - you can go ahead and do just that.. ask it!

Basically, this part of the site is for asking questions about cartoon drawing techniques - things that relate to the 'how to draw process'. Practicing and improving at drawing are great areas to focus around as the questions that are answered can be helpful to many people at once.

Some other ideas for questions would include: styles of drawing, tricks and tips, a question about something in a particular lesson... etc. But I should mention... if you have a request for a new drawing lesson, please use the 'Quick Survey' form to your right. I read through this all the time, and get a good idea of the kinds of things people like to draw.


Once you've posted your question - using the simple form that follows, I'll be sure to post a response right after I've read it over and approved it for the site.

Also, while reading through the answers to the questions, you can always chip in and add your 'two cents'. There might be something you feel you can add, to help answer a question. Maybe you've got a different perspective on something. By all means, share what you know. It works in the same way as the Visitors' Gallery in that you can post a reply comment that will appear below the original question & answer.

Alright, go ahead and ask you question below...


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