How to Draw Cartoon Tigers

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Whenever I think "cartoon tigers", it's 'Tigger' from Winnie the Pooh, 'Tony the Tiger' of Frosted Flakes, and of course - 'Shere Khan' from Disney's The Jungle Book that come to mind.

Here though - you get to create a tiger of your very own -- one based on a very simple guideline, drawn from top to bottom. Actually, this lesson is very similar to the Cartoon Lion lesson from previous.

What's great about this lesson, is that because tigers have such distinct markings (orange with black stripes)... when you're finished your drawing, making your tiger look like a tiger with a bit of color, is easily done.

Oh - and remember too... this lesson does follow a specific sequence. But with each step along the way to completion, don't be afraid to change your lines as you see fit.

OK! Let's draw a tiger!...


First Step - Drawing the Head

First up in drawing your tiger, make a simple circle with a cross in it - a nice little guideline to go by.

Here's how the face of my tiger takes shape. Remember though -- with only a few subtle changes (size, distance, thickness, etc.) you can alter your lines to come up with your own unique look...

Cartoon Tigers First Step Cartoon Tigers First Step Cartoon Tigers First Step Cartoon Tigers First Step Cartoon Tigers First Step Cartoon Tigers First Step

If you like, take things a step further and fill in some of the details in and around the face. In my case, I decided to wait until the very end. It's neat isn't it... with only a few simple well-placed lines... and keeping to the shape of a circle... drawing a simple cartoon tiger face really is a pretty easy task!

Well, now it's on to the next step. Let's draw the body...

Second Step - Give Your Tiger a Body

In drawing the body of your cartoon tiger, it really helps to use a centerline as a reference point. This works out nicely as you can easily keep symmetry in your drawing, balancing the left and right sides as necessary.

So then... here's a breakdown for how to go about drawing the body of your tiger...

Cartoon Tigers Second Step Cartoon Tigers Second Step Cartoon Tigers Second Step Cartoon Tigers Second Step Cartoon Tigers Second Step Cartoon Tigers Second Step

Again, similar to the Cartoon Lion lesson from before - drawing a tiger in this way involves only the simplest of lines. Here, we're really focused on coming up with that 'cartoonish' look - simplified a great deal indeed.

Well, just about finished. We've got the body drawn -- now let's go ahead and detail our cartoon tigers!...

Cartoon Tigers Final Step

Final Step - Give it Some Detail

One detail that needs not mentioning, is of course - stripes! You can either draw them in now... or like I did up top -- fill them in as you color your final drawing.

For now though, give your cartoon tiger a tail, sketch a few lines in the face area (eyes, tongue, teeth, ears, etc.), and don't forget some simple curved lines to bring out the paws.

Now - for the actual coloring. Key features to bring out, aside from the obvious 'orange with black stripes'... is using white in various places - the paws and lower portion of the face to be included. You may want to color the chest/underside white as well... completely up to you!

And guess what! You're all done! Grrrrrrrrrreat job on this lesson -- you can now draw your very own simple cartoon tigers! :-)


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