How to Draw Cartoon Tattoos


If you're into body art, then learning how to draw simple cartoon tattoos - might just be something of interest to you.

Simple cartoonish drawings are easy enough to create, that really - coming up with your own unique design should be all the more simple to do!

In this area of the site...

I'd like to show you some simple methods to go about creating neat-looking cartoon tattoos - ones that will hopefully inspire you to come up with some cool-looking designs of your own.

In fact - some of the lessons already up on the site are designed in such a way, that they make for the perfect cartoon tattoo.

Often in the lessons, I do my best to keep things nice and simple - symmetry taken into account.

Cartoon Tattoos

A couple that come to mind right away - are the cute cartoon bat, and the simple-looking dragonfly drawing.

Both are simple and symmetrical - making for a neat-looking tattoo design.

And keeping things symmetrical and simple when creating your own tattoos, is something to consider...

Easier to draw - and easier to present to a tattoo artist for making the finished design all the better.


Other popular designs of course, include things like butterflies, roses, skulls, flames, dragons, and others.

So of course - we can include some lessons based on these things as well.

Alright then, here's a list of simple cartoon tattoo drawing lessons - some you'll find elsewhere on the site, others unique to this page alone...


***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon BatLittle Cartoon Bat
In this lesson, learn how to draw a tiny, simple, cute cartoon bat in only six very easy steps.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Flowers Jasmine Flower DrawingHow to Draw a Jasmine Flower
Here, learn how to draw a simple Jasmine flower - simple to draw as it takes the shape of a star.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Flowers Hibiscus DrawingMagnificent Hawaiian Red Hibiscus
This brilliant red flower straight out of the Hawaiian Islands is an easy favorite of many. Draw one here!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon SkeletonSimple Cartoon Skeleton
Make no bones about it, drawing a simplified cartoon skeleton like this one is a piece of cake.

***g1.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon SunCartoon Sun
Learn how to draw a simple cartoon sun - one that's too hot to handle -- and to cool for school!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon SoccerSimple Cartoon Soccer Ball
Kick things off with this amazingly simple cartoon soccer ball! It's really quite easy to do.

***g1.shtml***How to Draw SwordsHow to Draw Swords
Learn how to draw four cool-looking cartoon swords: two-handed, gladiator, pirate and the katana!

***g3.shtml***Tribal DragonTribal Dragon
In this lesson, learn how to draw a tribal dragon. This is a great idea for your own unique tattoo.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Dragonfly DrawingsCreate Unique Dragonfly Drawings
See what different shapes, patterns and colors you can come up with as you learn to draw unique dragonflies.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon DevilSneaky Cartoon Devil
Learn how to draw a sneaky cartoon devil with a small body, a big head, and holding a pitchfork.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Monsters Grim Reaper DrawingsGrim Reaper Drawings
Learn how to draw one of the most infamous villains of them all... create your own grim reaper drawings!


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