How to Draw Cartoon Sports


Cartoon sports!

Sporting activities of all different kinds are enjoyed by many people all over the world.

From basketball to cricket to football to rugby...

The list is definitely a long one.

Combine a love for sports with a love for drawing - and we've got the perfect match!

And cartoon sports?

Even better as they're fairly simple to create.

Many sports require the use of some kind of ball, equipment, gear, etc. A football helmet for American football, a birdie for badminton...

Each one's got it's respectful 'trademark' piece - instantly recognizable when drawn.


In the example drawing, it's obvious which is which between the various characters at first glance.

But an even closer look reveals that each of these items can be simplified into one basic shape...

Circle, oval, etc? Actually no - just circles and ovals! :-)


Of course, there are lots of other things that come to mind when we combine sports with drawing.

People, places, etc. - there's plenty to draw indeed.

And on that note - why not do just that... draw!


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