How to Draw a Cartoon Sloth

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The cartoon sloth in the image you see above - same one you'll be drawing your own likeness to, by the end this drawing lesson...

Is easily one of my favorite animals on the planet.

In Costa Rica, you can see these animals high up in the trees while going on treks through the jungle. It's best to have a guide with you though, as even though there are A LOT of sloths to see...

They can be quite hard to see - as they barely ever move. And when they do move - it's soooooooooo slooooooooooow. :-)

OK - let's draw!


Drawing a Cartoon Sloth

It's unlikely, you'll see a sloth - not just chilling, in a tree. Sure, they do come down every so often - some are spotted crawling (literally) across roads, too.

But for the purpose of this drawing lesson - let's keep to the tree, and yes - a simple framework at that - two lines as follows...

Cartoon Sloth

Not too difficult at all - so far... is it!

But yes, I really think that drawing the lines like this ahead of time - or at least visualizing them during the creative process...

Is a good strategy.

Next, let's go ahead and "form out" our character, with an arrangement of shapes, like so...

Cartoon Sloth


So above, I've just gone ahead and included some of the shapes *that I feel* - can help to cement in mind, the structure and form of your cartoon sloth, so that when it comes time to draw the animals - next!...

It will be easier and more fun, as you can kick up the creativity a notch, with less focus on proportion.

As always with drawing however - the mind can only take us SO FAR. Drawing is about "being aware" - tapped into consciousness, as you let go.

So yes - use the mind as a tool, like I do to help you along - but never forget to "let go" - and simply create to your heart's content! :-)

OK, here's how I've gone at the face - to begin...

Cartoon Sloth

And then, moving on outward - draw in the eyes also.

After that - when it comes time to start drawing the fur - and this is actually quite fun... just use quick simple "whispy" strokes, gradually bringing forth the desired look.

Please, please, please...

Don't try to make the *exact* amount of lines that I do, and in the exact place. Get an idea of where the lines go, by looking at the example - and then...

Go ahead and do it your way. :-)

Cartoon Sloth

Fading again - what we just drew, to grey...

Next, go ahead and continue laying down the perimeter of the body of your cartoon sloth. Notice how the underlying framework is just acting as a placeholder? It's simply there, as a form of training wheels...

Helping you along, until eventually - you have a pretty solid idea of where things go, when it comes to draw animals like this.

And yes, these "patterns" - with practice, will hopefully carry over to other similar-looking animals...

Like monkeys!

Cartoon Sloth

More fading, more drawing - and yes, in an order that I feel makes pretty good sense to go about it...

Here's how the sloth looks now, with just a few more things left to draw...

Cartoon Sloth

Next up - on to the tree!

Just a few simple lines, placed in the best spots - as you see fit...

Take your time, and see if you can leave some space - in order to draw some of the other parts of your sloth, preventing the need to erase a bit later.

If this doesn't make sense, that's OK. Just erase!...

Cartoon Sloth

Few more details now - finishing up the left claw, and the inner arm and chest areas - and here's what we've got in the end...

Cartoon Sloth

A cute little cartoon sloth - simplified, and minus any distracting underlying lines.

How does yours look?

Cartoon Sloth

Oh right... one more thing...Cartoon Sloth


And yes - how much better it looks, with just a few added color-details, especially the white around the face, coupled with the pink nose, and grey eye patches.

Very cute-sloth-like. :-)

Well, that is all. Hope you enjoyed this cartoon drawing experience.

I simply can't wait, for the next lesson!


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