Cartoon Princess of Fantasy or Future

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In this lesson, let's have a look at how to draw a cartoon princess, one that you can customize to look futuristic, or perhaps even 'fantasyish' like in books and movies such as Lord of the Rings.

Similar to other people drawing lessons here on the site, this one incorporates the use of a stick person framework, but with one slight difference. Instead of drawing the entire stick person, only the top half will be needed. Here's why...

In the case of this princess, she's going to have a long dress - one that covers her legs completely. And so, you can take a bit of a 'short cut' if you like, and further simplify your drawing by including the shape of her dress into your framework.

Have a look to the right. Any ideas what this shape will be? If you guessed triangle, you're exactly right! It's the best route to go as it will help you maintain proportion as you map out draw the lower dress of your cartoon princess.

Well, with that said - let's now go ahead and begin drawing...

***tier-3-middle.shtml*** Cartoon Princess First Step

First Step - Triangular Cartoon Princess Framework

Just as mentioned above, the framework used for this lesson can be simplified. Knowing ahead of time that her dress takes the shape of a large triangle (or some shape close to this)... it makes sense to incorporate this idea into a guideline.

And that's exactly what I did on the left. The upper part of the stick figure (torso) looks just as any other would. The triangle begins from the waist down - very close to how the dress will take form around her body.

Keep in mind -- this is only a suggestion! If you'd rather draw her legs in too, by all means do. Or, if you're comfortable such that you don't really need to use a framework... of course - omit it!

Remember, I include frameworks in these drawing lessons to better help you with visualizing (and appreciating) the simple shapes from which 'things' are composed. In time - with practice, the mind will retain different arrangements and patterns. It's at this point where you become more comfortable with drawing altogether and begin to 'draw from memory'.

Well, let's carry on now with the drawing portion of the lesson...

Second Step - Drawing the Head and Torso of Your Cartoon Princess

It's a bit difficult to decide... is my drawing of a princess from the future - or out of fantasy? Whichever you decide for yours, the following examples will help you bring into view, her head and the upper portion of her body.

Like this...

Cartoon Princess Second Step Cartoon Princess Second Step Cartoon Princess Second Step

Cartoon Princess Second Step Cartoon Princess Second Step Cartoon Princess Second Step

There are features here that you should think about changing so that your princess will look more unique to you. For example - her tiara. The one I drew is EXTREMELY basic. Why not make yours a bit more fancy? Same goes for her hair, necklace, and even the collar area of her dress. And just a thought - you may even want to turn her into an 'elf princess'... pointy ears and big white eyes will give her that 'manga look'.

Once you've got this part complete - it's on to the next! Let's finish this lesson by bringing the rest of her body into view, and then adding some details...

Last Step - A Three-Phase Overview for Your Finalized Princess

Up top, I went into detail with showing you the individual sequence/steps for developing the 'upper part' of your cartoon princess. Here, you've got a much more simple breakdown - still helpful I'm sure in finalizing your drawing.

Take a look at the following three phases to help you draw the remainder of your princess - body, arms and details...

Cartoon Princess Third Step Cartoon Princess Third Step Cartoon Princess Third Step

It's interesting how the triangle offers a different perspective when maintaining proportion in the drawing. In the second example, there are no lines drawn directly overtop of it, yet it allows you to sort of 'eye' your lines as you progress - balancing the sides and in the end, coming up with a drawing that you truly like.

And as for the details - well, that's where you get to have even more fun! See what kind of creative-looking cartoon princess you can come up with, using your creativity and imagination.

Congrats on a drawing well done! :-)


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