How to Draw a Cartoon Orca

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Sweet. Here in this lesson, we get to draw a cartoon orca - or of course, as it's commonly known also as...

A killer whale!

Drawing sea creatures like this one - especially sharks, whales and dolphins, are easily one of my favorite things to draw. What's especially fun, is "anthropomorphizing" them (what a fun word!)... or in other words - making them look more human-like.

Here with this character, you might view the orca as sitting upright, or also - jumping straight out of the water.

Let's draw!


Drawing a Cartoon Orca

So then - let's begin our killer whale character, with a simple assortment of basic shapes - ones that for those who would normally have a more difficult time - keeping things lined up and proportional...

Can really help to cement ahead of time, the ~measurements that our character will soon take on.

Remember - this is not a necessity. Only do this if it helps! Think about structure in your mind. Use super-light pencil strokes.

Here's how mine looks...

Cartoon Orca


Next up - with some different colors - go ahead and add to this structure in green and grey, indicating the angle that the cartoon orca's head is tilted at, and also - places on the character where its distinguishing features will be drawn.

So yes: eye, fins, tail - like this...

Cartoon Orca

And next step - focusing in now, on the drawing itself...

Draw in the eye of your cartoon killer whale character (the window to the soul!) - and also, it's left flipper.

Nice and simple so far - just like so...

Cartoon Orca

Defining lines in this part of the lesson - here, go ahead and bring forth the shape of the orca's head, and while you're at it...

Zip down to the bottom, and sketch in part of its tail - like this...

Cartoon Orca

Keeping right at it - carefully placing the defining lines of our killer whale character - swoop here and there, next bringing forth its belly, back, straight and pointy dorsal fin, and yes - the other part of its tail, too...Cartoon Orca

So, how's your killer whale looking now?

Remember!!! While you're working through this lesson - don't get discouraged if yours doesn't look like mine.

There's certainly some truth to the whole "10,000 hours" thing - and so yes, practice really is important. Take comfort in the thought, and truth - that if you love drawing as much as I do - then drawing things over and over, practicing and repeating - BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT!...

Won't be an issue at all. :-)

OK - teeth, tongue and cool-looking white orca pattern ahead...

Cartoon Orca

So now that we're just about done - next go ahead and bring out those final few areas.

White patch close to the eye - a must! Then, finish off the lower jaw, and mirror (sort of replicate/copy using the first one) the flipper - for one on the right.

Here's how it looks...

Cartoon Orca

Minus the framework lines - here's our black and white-lined cartoon orca...

Cartoon Orca

And then - Woo hoo! - best part of all as always...

Cartoon Orca

Killer whale colors!

And there you have it - another fun animal drawing lesson complete, and under your belt.

But of course, practice practice practice practice practice practice... repeat!

See you soon for the next one. :-)


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