How to Draw Cartoon Kangaroos

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So here we are again - drawing cartoon kangaroos, and yes this is the second time on the site, that we're drawing one.

If you look back to the original for a second, and compare it to this one - you can really see how over time, our drawings become refined, slicker, and well...


And yes, this comes with practice.

One of the hardest things in the beginning with this site - was going from traditional pencil and paper - to Photoshop.

Takes lots of time to master the digital realm, but it's so rewarding when you start getting it. And yes, that includes the feel of a tablet.

OK, let's draw!


Drawing Cartoon Kangaroos

So let's begin then - by first - taking a look at a simple framework of basic shapes - something to really help us "cement in mind" the stance, shape, form, etc. that our kangaroo will take on.

As always, I include this step for additional visualization - and also, where and whomever it helps (you?) - to be able to appreciate and focus more so, on the creative aspect of things - with form somewhat, already in place...

Cartoon Kangaroos

And fading out our shapes and lines - go ahead and begin your cartoon kangaroo drawing with the eye, the upper snout, and the nose - just like so...

Cartoon Kangaroos

And then, fading what we just drew - out to grey, work around the central core of the head that's just been established...

And sketch in the cheek, lower mouth, far eye, and closest ear of your cartoon kangaroo - sort of like this...

Cartoon Kangaroos

And then yes - keep right on going...

Next up - by drawing the other ear (as it's furthest away - easier to sketch in behind the head), along with the back, and part of the closest arm.

Things are looking good! Getting a real good grasp now, I bet - on how to draw cartoon kangaroos!...

Cartoon Kangaroos

Head in place, next - move on down the drawing - and sketch in the chest area of your animal, along with the first paw, and also the closest leg.

It's clear of course, the right arm/paw and right leg/foot - appear a bit further away, and slightly obscured in areas - will not need to be drawn in full.

I don't know - can you see what I mean... can you visualize this when you look at those shapes in the framework?

Here's how it looks...

Cartoon Kangaroos

And now we get to really finish things off - filling in those parts of the drawing, appearing furthest away from the eye of the observer/drawer... YOU! :-)

So yes, go ahead and sketch these parts in like so - or perhaps *not* "like so", but instead...

However you see fit...

Cartoon Kangaroos


Let's fast forward now to the very end - minus the underlying framework, and with the addition of some super-subtle details.

I love dividing mammals bodies up, with a thin line that creates a "soft" white area around the mouth, belly, and under the tail.

Makes it look so much neater, sometimes cuter, and cool.

Cartoon Kangaroos

And then of course - with some color - yes...

Cartoon Kangaroos

Even better!

So how does yours look?

Well, hope you had some fun with this lesson - *that's another way* - to draw cartoon kangaroos!

Until next time...


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