How to Draw a Cartoon Jaguar

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So the inspiration for this cartoon jaguar - or panther if you like, as a panther with its dark black fur (and only slightly visible spot pattern), is actually the same animal...

Came from the upcoming movie After Earth.

Well, it came more so from the "idea" behind the movie.

And that is...

1000 years have gone by on Earth, and humans have since - long gone. In that time, as climate, weather, environment, food sources, etc. have changed... so have the animals!

And so yes, here's a fun look at how this cat "could" look - although really, I'm just tapping into the imagination, and having some exaggerated fun with the animal, in the form of a cartoon.

OK - let's draw!


Drawing an *Evolved* Cartoon Jaguar

Well first thing's first...

Go ahead and sketch out - or imagine anyways... a simple framework of basic shapes, from which to draw our feline around.

Below, as you can see - our cat will be sitting upright. A few circles and some lines, help to bring this position into view - before we even lay down any lines...

Cartoon Jaguar

And next - some green for emphasis on other parts of our cartoon jaguar - this helps to show where the ears, legs and tail will be - relatively anyways.

Here's how it looks...

Cartoon Jaguar


Fading our framework out - next...

Go ahead and begin drawing your feline - starting with the nose, and upper-mouth area. Just like this...

Cartoon Jaguar

And then - changing our lines to grey, so we can more easily recognize the new ones - in the following step...

Go ahead and sketch in the eyes, teeth, and part of the perimeter of the head.

Oh, and notice how the teeth are kind of large? This is one of the "evolved" ideas I had. Maybe its prey is much bigger, now. Large incisors - almost like a saber-toothed tiger...

They'll come in handy for piercing through an animal's skull - just as jaguar's are famous for, in the wild...

Cartoon Jaguar


So keep right on going then.

Sketch in the ears, and then working on down the drawing - sketch in the upper arms/shoulders - and also the inner forearms, just like so...

Cartoon Jaguar

Next up...

A tuft of fur around the chest area (were going to keep this colored white for a really nice contrast in the final step) - and then...

Go ahead and complete the from legs, just like this...

Cartoon Jaguar

Down again - and now it's on to the back legs and tail.

Since we've already drawn parts that are foremost - closest to you, the observer/drawer - it's often easier to save parts of the drawing like this, for last.

Here's how mine looks...

Cartoon Jaguar


Looking good.

Next up - go ahead and give your cartoon jaguar a neat-looking pattern. Here's what I came up with...

Cartoon Jaguar

And yes...

Very last step now - it's time to color your cartoon jaguar!

In this last part, keeping to the theme of our lesson - "an evolved feline, as one may look - 1000 years into the future" (although we're really just using our imagination and having some fun!)...Cartoon Jaguar

I kept my jaguar looking like a panther - with its dark fur, and spot pattern. Different though, I also kept quite a bit of the animal white - its chest, face and toes.

And also - this cartoon jaguar, seems to have some strange yellow glow around its body.

Maybe it has some sort of special power!?

True, when we're drawing - anything is possible. :-)

Well, hope you had fun with this lesson.

See you online again, real soon!


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