How to Draw a Cartoon Jack

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This cartoon jack came to mind the other day. I was walking along the beach and saw this...

Cartoon Jack Beach

Hundreds of pelicans and frigate birds were feasting on schools of sardines near the shore. But the neatest part of all - to me! - were the schools of jack fish... also feeding... that could be seen in large groups, splashing about.

It was especially cool to see a pack of the fish - breaking through a glass-like wave just before it closed.

Anyway... that's where the inspiration for this lesson came! :-)


How to Draw a Cartoon Jack

Love drawing fish. They're so easy to draw - the shape is fairly consistent between the many different types. What's fun though - is being able to distinguish between species, by incorporating key features through simple, well-placed lines.

Starting with a framework - here's the first step...

Cartoon Jack

And now - to give you some insight as to where the eye/gills/fins/etc.! should be placed... here are some additional lines to help...

Cartoon Jack

OK - I'll fade out the framework so you can focus more so on your drawing. Remember - the framework is just a guideline. Use it if it helps. Either sketch it out lightly in pencil - or visualize it in your mind, before or during the lesson.

A cool-looking eye for your cartoon jack - gives character right off the bat! Be sure to make yours MUCH MUCH MUCH different than mine. :-)...

Cartoon Jack

And using the oval as a guide - begin to bring the body and nose into view.

Just like this...

Cartoon Jack

A cute little mouth. Not to say it has to be THIS way though. How does yours look? Is yours happier? Is it meaner? Have fun with it!

Continuing on...

Cartoon Jack

Left to right - sketch in the fins before you draw the rest of its body.

Check out the stylized look for the fins below. No - not quite what they'd actually look like. But keeping true to the shape - you can branch off and come up with a unique look for your cartoon jack.

Cartoon Jack

OK. As a second last step (not including the tons of detail you might want to add after this one!)... complete the body in a similar way to what you see below.

Google 'jack fish' and see how the placement of key features here - in this drawing - are similar to the real thing. Again - similar! This is a cartoon after all. :-)

Cartoon Jack

Coloring time!!!...

Cartoon Jack

So yes - I went all out with the uniqueness of this fish. Bet you've never seen one like it before! And truly - that's what it's all about. I hope your finished product reflects not only a resemblance to the real fish - but in addition - your own unique creative ability!

And there's your cartoon jack.

See you next time!


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