How to Draw a Cartoon Hockey Goalie

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A somewhat tedious (but fun!) lesson, learn how to draw a cartoon hockey goalie - one you can later customize to resemble your favorite team, or like I did - one you make up!

Not to be confused with the San Hose Sharks, here we've got a keeper for the 'Great Whites!'

I mention 'tedious' early on because yes - it is! Once you sketch out the core guideline for your drawing, bringing out all the intricate details takes a bit of effort. But for sure - it's well worth it! So grab your pencil, some paper, some ideas!...

...and let's get drawing this cartoon hockey goalie!


First Step - Equipment-Focused Cartoon Hockey Goalie Guideline

To help map out and maintain your goalie's pose, drawing a simple framework before-hand can help out a lot. Using a ruler, and some lightly-sketched pencil lines (dotted works great), begin by drawing an oval for the head, along with a centerline.

In the examples below, you'll notice that the emphasis is on the equipment my goalie is wearing - more so than the human form. It's the mask, catcher, blocker, pads and stick that stands out the most - primary to the body.

Keep in mind though, understanding the actual form of the body is important. Crouched, curved spine, bent knees, etc. - these things play an important role in understanding the true form. Still, for our purposes - drawing one goalie in this one particular position - it can be fun to try different, and sometimes easier approaches.

Here's how it takes shape...

Cartoon Hockey First Step Cartoon Hockey First Step

Simplifying the various parts of your cartoon hockey goalie into basic shapes makes visualizing the future of your work, a whole lot easier. Remember - my lines are nice and bright to provide emphasis. In your case, keep them light.

Alright, got everything in order? Great... let's continue - beginning with the mask.

Second Step - Sketch in the Mask and Outline the Catcher

For the actual drawing of your cartoon hockey goalie, it's a good idea to first sketch in the parts that would appear closest to the eye first. This makes drawing other areas, obscured by the 'front-most' parts, all the more easy to draw later on.

OK then, here's how to draw the mask...

Cartoon Hockey Second Step Cartoon Hockey Second Step Cartoon Hockey Second Step

Not getting too carried away, draw a simple outline for your goalie mask. This part really is a BIG DEAL, as I'm sure you'd agree - the mask is one of the coolest parts! I recommend you leave it blank for now. Keep going with the rest of your drawing and then later - come on back and customize the look to match the design you're going for.

Just a thought... it might be neat to draw an old-school mask - like the one Ken Dryden wore back in the day.

Alright, on to the catcher...

Cartoon Hockey Second Step Cartoon Hockey Second Step Cartoon Hockey Second Step

Moving over to the circle that marks off the position of the catcher, draw a series of three simple shapes, similar to how I've done above. In this case, the end of the catcher is seen to be curling toward the viewer, ready to scoop up the puck. Another (and more appropriate pose perhaps) would be to draw the mitt so that's it's completely open. Change it up to look how you like.

And again - same with the mask... don't be so concerned with details at this point. I recommend you save them til the very end.

Alright - on to Step Three...

Third Step - Blocker > Stick > Pads, In this Order!

For the other main equipment of your cartoon hockey goalie, draw them in the 'blocker > stick > pads' order. The blocker's a snap as it's just a simple rectangle. And the stick is actually pretty simple too.

The pads? Perhaps another story! Take a look at how I drew mine below...

Cartoon Hockey Third Step Cartoon Hockey Third Step

Because the knees of your goalie (in this slightly crouched position) are bent, draw the pads to be slightly bent as well. It's a good idea to take things off to the side until you come up with an outline you're happy with.

Something else too regarding the pads. Actually, same goes for the catcher. I've simplified things to make the overall drawing of this goalie a bit easier. In truth - and for an even more realistic look, there are many curvy parts which come together to form the ultimate and final look of your pads and catcher. A simple outline is OK, but with more time and effort invested, you can really bring out these parts by focusing on all the sub-sections within them. Just a thought... maybe for the next time around?

Now, let's move on to the Final Step...

Final Step - Draw the Body and Details of Your Cartoon Hockey Goalie

With the core parts of this drawing in place - the main equipment of your cartoon hockey goalie, drawing in the remaining areas - those obscured by the parts you previously drew - is all the more easy to do.

Jersey, pants, skates - and details... here's how mine takes shape...

Cartoon Hockey Final Step Cartoon Hockey Final Step

A bit? of time and effort later - you're all set with a cool-looking cartoon hockey goalie, one you can customize with your own unique color-set and logo. Or if like, turn your drawing into your favorite NHL star! Up to you.

And there you have it --- that's how to draw a cartoon hockey goalie. See you again soon for another sports-related lesson!


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