How to Draw Cartoon Hearts

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Cartoon hearts - like stars, swirls, scribbles and other sorts of 'doodle-like' drawings, are usually pretty simple to draw.

In this quick little lesson, let's take a look at two popular kinds - the simple rounded version, and the more curved, tapered bottom version...

Also, for another approach to drawing them - be sure to check out a similar lesson when you're done -- there's a link at the bottom of the page.

It's more technical, offering advice for a more symmetrical, 'perfect look'.

Here goes!...


Here's How to Draw a Simple Heart

Alright, let's get to it. Below, you can see the first lines for each of the two shapes, a simple rounded one (on the left), and the curved tapered bottom type (on the right). In both cases - begin at the top-middle-point, and work your way down counter-clockwise toward the very bottom.

Like this...

Cartoon Hearts First Step

With the one on the left, continue drawing the right curve by starting at the top once again. With the heart on the right though... it might feel better if you continue on the same path and not begin with a separate line. Either way works, but often - when drawing curves like this one... it feels more natural to just 'keep on going' - and can look much better too.

Try it out for yourself...

Cartoon Hearts Second Step

And there you have it. Quick and simple... that's how to draw cartoon hearts!


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