How to Draw Cartoon Food


We can all relate to cartoon food.

It's the perfect topic when it comes to drawing.

Cartoons as we know, are simplified versions of real things.

And let's face it, they're all the more simple and fun to draw when it comes to the delicious things we love to eat! :-)


Truly, there are many different areas to focus on with respect to drawing cartoon food.

Fish, seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains...

Oh - and we can't forget dessert!

Surely, you'll be seeing the words "how to draw ice cream" or even "learn to draw cake" at some point!

Cartoon Food Picture

Just like anything we draw, cartoon food - no matter what kind it is we're talking about...

Is all composed of (and can be broken down into) a simple arrangement of basic shapes.

Foods as we know are composed often of the most simplest of shapes and this of course makes drawing them a very easy task.

Nice to know!

Well... all this talk about food is making me hungry... hungry to draw that is!

Pick a lesson from the list below and be on your way.


***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon ChineseHow to Draw Cartoon Chinese Food
In this lesson, learn how to draw westernized cartoon Chinese takeout food - box, chopsticks and all!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food KimchiSpicy Healthy Kimchi
The baechu is the vegetable used to make kimchi - a famous Korean food. Learn how to draw it here.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon SushiTwo-for-One Cartoon Sushi
In this food drawing lesson, it's a two-for-one deal! Learn how to draw ikura and sake, two pieces of sushi.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon SteakEasy Cartoon Steak Drawing
Once you get the top part down, drawing a cartoon steak is no problem at all. In four parts, draw one here.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon Hot DogFour-Part Cartoon Hot Dog
Drawing a cartoon hot dog really is quite simple. In only four simple parts, draw one here in record time!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon SandwichPeanut Butter & Jelly Cartoon Sandwich
Be it peanut butter & jelly, ham & cheese, or even a BLT... learn how to draw a simple cartoon sandwich here!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Food Candy CaneHow to Draw a Candy Cane
It's everyone's favorite Christmas time snack, the delicious red and white-striped candy cane!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon HamburgerCartoon Hamburger
Redefine 'yummy' as you pile up the layers to make the best cartoon hamburger (or cheeseburger) ever!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon Ice CreamTriple-Scoop Cartoon Ice Cream
Check out this super-simple lesson and learn how to draw an ice cream cone with your three favorite flavors!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon CakeChocolate Cartoon Cake Perfection!
Are you a dessert lover? How about a chocolate lover? Excellent! Here's how to draw cartoon cake perfection!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon PizzaA Delicious Cartoon Pizza
Drawing a cartoon pizza is as easy as ordering one. Chances are, after this lesson you'll want to order one!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon FruitCircular Cartoon Fruit
In this ever-so-simple drawing lesson, create different cartoon fruits using circles of various sizes.


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