Cartoon Firefly Drawing Lesson

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This cartoon firefly can be altered to look a number of different ways. Change its size - it's shape - its colors... whichever you like. Did you know - they actually aren't 'flies' at all - but winged beetles. And also... they use their glowing abdomens (bioluminescence) to attract mates and food as well.

Let's draw!


Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Firefly

Begin the lesson by mapping out the structure of the subject. Here, we're going for a cute cartoony look - and so, a big circle up top, followed by another small one down below will make for a nice start.

Like so...

Cartoon Firefly First Step

Fireflies have six legs in total. Here though, we won't be able to see all of them do to the positioning of the body given the angle that it's being viewed...

Cartoon Firefly First Step

A good place to begin? They eye! Star with one like so - then we'll move on to the rest of the head...

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

And yes - it's just a circle! You can draw the left limbs at this point as well...

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

The curvature and placement of the facial features is more easily understood when you can reference a simple cross over the circle. In this way - it become a sphere.

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

Working back to the distance - now go ahead and bring the body into view - along with its 'glow light'...

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

Mirror over the limbs. I kept it simple here - its just sort of hovering through the air - limbs hanging at its side. Draw the wings too - the first parts anyway...

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

A few details and we're all set to add some color to our finished drawing...

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

And colored!...

Cartoon Firefly Second Step

And there we go. How did yours turn out?

Hope you had fun with this lesson - see you real soon for another! :-)


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