How to Draw Cartoon Elements


Earth! Wind! Fire! No... not the band. :-)

We're talking about the cartoon elements of the universe here and even better - how to draw them!

The earth, the sun, the moon, the clouds... this area of the site tackles all things 'elemental'.

Whether you anthropomorphize your cartoon elements like I've done in the example, or use them in their more simple form to enhance whatever drawing you're working on...

There's always a place for the elements in drawing.


Cartoon Elements

Take water for example.

How many different situations can you think of where knowing how to draw cartoon water would be helpful?

Rain, puddles, saliva - and pretty much anything else that's liquid!

Most definitely, if you can draw water then things like juice and tar would actually a lot easier to create...

Just different colors and textures to take into account.


Alright... I bet you're about ready to get drawing...

Click on any of the lessons below to begin.

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***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon LightningEasy Cartoon Lightning Bolt
Drawing a simple cartoon lightning bolt like this one, is almost as fast as the lightning itself!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon RainbowSimple Cartoon Rainbow
In this lesson, learn how to draw a simple cartoon rainbow as it would appear 'arced' between two clouds.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon StarsShiny Cartoon Stars
Drawing simple cartoon stars like the one in this lesson is a snap! Easy, peezy... check it out.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon CloudsFluffy Cartoon Clouds
Learn how to draw fluffy cartoon clouds, just like the ones in all your favourite cartoons!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon FireBlazing Cartoon Fire!
Stop, drop and roll! This cartoon drawing lesson will set you ablaze with fire desire!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Lunar New YearTwo Different Cartoon Moons
Learn how to draw two simple cartoon moons - each of a different phase... quarter and half.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon SunCartoon Sun
Similar to numbers on a clock, learn to draw a simple cartoon sun - one that's 'cooler' than hot!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Elements Cartoon EarthA Wonderful Cartoon Earth
See how simple drawing the earth can be with this interesting drawing technique. Try it at other angles.


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