How to Draw Cartoon Dragons


Let's just agree... dragons are awesome! And so are cartoon dragons.

I don't know, but there's just something fantastic about dragons.

And for as long as I can remember, dragons have been an absolute favorite of mine to draw.

Dragons are great for a number of reasons. But one reason that sticks out in my mind, especially when it comes to drawing...

Is that nobody really knows what they look(ed) like. We have a good idea, but we really can't say for sure.

No matter where you go, look or read every dragon is unique in it's own way. And this is true whether it be a drawing or a statue of a dragon, or even a dragon that you saw in a movie.

They come in different sizes, different colors, different temperaments... all different!

Drawing dragons is great because you can just "let go" and really get creative.

For example, one dragon can look more like a dinosaur or a lizard, while another can look more like a bird.

Cartoon Dragons Picture

And if you like, a cross between the two would also be quite acceptable.

You can also "let go" when you draw other things, like animals and people.

But we all know that people all look relatively the same.

And the same with animals. Tigers look like tigers... alligators look like alligators.

A dragon however may stand upright like a human, have the scales and claws of an alligator, and also the sharp teeth of a tiger!

And for the wings, why not a bat's?

You have a lot of creative drawing freedom when it comes to dragons.

Well, I could go on about drawing dragons forever and ever! But, I'm sure you're ready to get going.

I really hope you learn some g2 things here so you too can come up with your very own unique cartoon dragon creations!


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