Favorite Cartoon Characters


Don't you *just love* - imagining and creating, your very own unique cartoon characters?


This is my all-time favorite thing, about drawing.

Grab a pencil, a piece of paper - and then, thinking about something you saw that day, an object perhaps, or a plant or an animal, or something!...

And then, making it come to life - right there on the page (or screen) in front of you.

It's amazing! And here on the site - in and amongst the many different drawing lessons you'll find - every so often, there will one specific cartoon character - one that really *captures* me creatively, and well...

I just love it.


Well, one thing's for sure - I love drawing animals, dragons and monsters. These three are definitely my favorite things to draw.

How to Draw Disney Cartoons
One of My Favorite Cartoon Characters

And the reason is quite simple.

While yes, I do like drawing realistic *things we can see in the real world* type things - there's just something amazing about delving into the unknown...

Coming up with some original, interesting cartoon characters - quite possibly from another world.

Dragons and monsters, for example...


But when we draw - they most certainly do.

We can think up all sorts of possibilities, and then - by incorporating features that we know, *do exist* in the real world...

Can come up with really inspiring cartoon characters - ones that stick... ones you'll never EVER forget.


So yes, here in this section of the site - I've gathered a collection, of all of my favorite lessons - original cartoon characters *that I think* - will truly inspire you, as you travel down the never-ending road of creativity and improvement.

And yes, here they are...



***g3.shtml***Cartoon MeerkatThe Suspicious Meerkat
I love the character that resulted in this lesson - mainly given the expression on its face, and also - the simplicity of the lines.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals How to Draw a FishThe Crazy Trout
This fish just cracks me up. I mean seriously... why is this rainbow trout, so darn happy. Kind of wacky-looking! :-)

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Dragons How to Draw DragonsSwooping Dragon
A really simply dragon - I think I like this one so much, because it depicts a very common cartoon look, and is really easy to draw.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon JellyfishThe Jellyfish
Just awesome - I loved making this jellyfish. When I drew the eyes on, it just came right to life. The "jelly" lines, were a lot of fun to make, too.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon BatBat
So simple, so symmetrical. Yet - such a neat-looking little character. I think a variation on this, could make for a neat tattoo!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon CrabFunny-Looking Crab
A seafood restaurant in the United States, contacted me to make this guy their logo. Lol - such a funny looking crab, I can understand why.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon SkeletonLittle Skeleton Dude
A simple, cute skeleton. Completely disproportional - yet for some strange reason... it totally works! Love its eyes too.

***g3.shtml***Wizard of Oz Flying MonkeyWizard of Oz Flying Monkey
Pure nostalgia here, remember the flying or "winged" monkeys - from the Wizard of Oz? Here's one - in cartoon form!

***g3.shtml***Cartoon Monsters Whale SharkKiller Whale Shark
They guys' just hilarious. I love taking strange animals - and then *morphing* them, bending their shape and style, into something totally unique. Like this!

***g3.shtml***Cartoon ChameleonChameleon
I love chameleons - and this guy really turned out well. Although, I'd like to draw it again, but with the tongue zapping out at a fly!

***g3.shtml***Cartoon Monsters SharktopusSharktopus Tribute
Lots of fun to mix and match animals - this lesson was inspired by the "sharktopus" meme, that was going around the Internet.

***g3.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon QuetzalCosta Rican Quetzal
I love Costa Rica, and so drawing this bird - was really fun. They're really hard to spot, and live way up in the cloud forest.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon FlamingoFlamingo
Sort of weird-looking flamingo - I just really like, how it all turned out. Neat color pattern, lines, and all. Bird cartoon characters are really fun.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon OstrichOstrich
Yeah, this ostrich too. Like how the colors and lines came together - and I also like the expression on its face.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon CatfishThe Catfish
One of my all-time favorites, there's just something about this happy-go-lucky catfish. Love this drawing!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals How to Draw DogsGreat Dane
This great dane, actually started out as a more generic-looking dog. As the drawing proceeded though - it just sort of took on, a "great danish" form.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals How to Draw CatsTabby Cat
Sort of an odd-looking cat, with its round Simpson-like eyes. I find, the white markings really make the drawing unique. Like this one, a lot.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw ChibiChibi
I only drew one chibi character - but I remember really having fun with it. I'd like to draw more anime/manga stuff, for sure!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon SharksHappy Shark
Really love this cartoon shark character. The lines, the style - the expression... one of my favorite characters yet.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon CrowThe Crow
One of my all-time favorites... this crow, just looks so neat. Sometimes, birds turn out really well - and this is a good example.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds HummingbirdHummingbird
This drawing, was based on a sketch I did - with a micron and prismacolor pencil crayons. It was called "The Hummingbird Medic".

***g3.shtml***Crazy Cartoons CreatureThe Doodle Creature
This was voted on by visitors to the site. And wow - it took FOREVER! But it was a lot of fun. A neat example, of creativity and imagination.

***g2.shtml***Crazy Cartoons WhaleWacky Whale, Combination Drawing
This lesson, was completely random. It was chosen as part of the "You Decide" vote - "Which 3 things, should we draw together?"

***g2.shtml***How to Draw AliensAlien Based on a Toy
These guys are really awesome-looking, and this particular alien - is actually based on a toy I had growing up. Those orange spikes, retracted.

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Black CatCute Cat. Cute Pumpkin. Cute Candle.
So cute, and excited - and look at the little face on the candle - inside the pumpkin's mouth. Haha... love this one! Fun cartoon characters.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon DevilThe Cartoon Devil
This guy was a "G1" lesson. I drew him, when I first started - with just a mouse. Turned out pretty well, I think.

***g3.shtml***Halloween CartoonA Halloween Group Image
Grouping a whole bunch of Halloween cartoon characters together - was so much fun. It took a long time, to get it looking right.

***g2.shtml***Great White Shark DragonThe Shark Dragon!
I think this is my favorite of all. My two favorite animals (actually Tiger too!), are a dragon and a great white shark. This was just too much fun.

***g2.shtml***Dragon HeadBronze Dragon Head
This is based on a sketch I did, a long time ago. It's fun to come across old drawings, and then "resurrect" them, in the form of a digital lesson.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw a Dragon Step by StepBlue Dragon - Two
This was crazy fun to do. I love drawing dragons - and this guy - as detailed and off the wall as it is, was a blast!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw a Dragon Step by StepBlue Dragon - One
Part 1, to the dragon above... again - this was so much fun to create. The whole staff and fire thing, was added in as it progressed.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Dragons Chinese Dragon DrawingThe Chinese Dragon
Even though this is one of the "G1" lessons (when I was first starting out) - it's still a favorite. I'd love to redo this one, with bigger images.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Dragons Dragon Drawing ThreeRed Dragon - Three
This lesson took FOREVER to complete. But while working on it - it felt like time had passed, because I enjoyed doing it so much.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Dragons Dragon Drawing TwoRed Dragon - Two
Second part to the lesson mentioned above - again... really loved doing this one, and wow - three parts! :-)

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Dragons Dragon DrawingRed Dragon - One
Yes, in the first part - it was all about getting the structure down. You can see back then, I wasn't fading the framework lines out. An original.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Monsters Cartoon HydraHydra
Another really fun one - like 7 cartoon characters in one... here I just totally let loose - and drew to my heart's content.


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