How to Draw Cartoon Characters


Showing you how to draw neat-looking cartoon characters - ones that are super fun and easy to create, is by far one of my favorite things to do.

Even now on the site, you can find all sorts of interesting 'characterish' drawing lessons (with more on the way!).

Looking at the header image up top, or even at some of my other drawings - you can see that while knowing how to draw simple-looking cartoons can be quite easy and enjoyable...

There's much more to learn if you're interested in taking your work to another level.

For example...

I often enjoy 'transforming' my otherwise simple-looking drawings of animals, people, things, etc. - into something more human-like or 'anthro' - like how Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny look.

Basically - I like to create my very own unique cartoon characters - something I'd love to be able to show you how to do as well.

How to Draw Cartoon Characters

And so, because so many people are interested in drawing their own unique characters...

And because I love doing it so much!...

I've decided to develop a brand new drawing resource - one that's designed to give you a deep & detailed insight into the character creation process.

A while back, I ran some surveys here - to see what the best approach would be in creating this new drawing resource.

The feedback has been extremely helpful in deciding the best direction to go.

Initially, my plan was to create a single resource designed to help you create your very own unique cartoon characters.

As it stands now though, I've decided to go bigger (A LOT BIGGER ACTUALLY!)... and create an entirely new website for this very purpose.

***bar-top-yellow.shtml*** Please note...

I've decided to put this project on hold - indefinitely, while I put more energy into improving the site.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. ***bar-bottom.shtml*** ***tier-2-bottom.shtml***

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