How to Draw a Cartoon Cell

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In drawing this simple cartoon cell - keep in mind that this is an extremely generic and easy approach to doing so. Everything is simplified to look as it would in a basic diagram. Use your imagination to take things a step further with respect to all the inner parts (organelles) - which compose it.

Colors too by the way... come up with your own unique scheme.

Let's draw!


How to Draw a Cartoon Cell

From start to finish - beginning with a simple framework of two basic shapes, here's how to go about your drawing. Feel free to change yours up as you progress through each step.

First thing then...

Cartoon Cell First Step

Begin by drawing the membrane...

Cartoon Cell First Step

Next - go ahead and bring the nucleus into view...

Cartoon Cell Second Step

Add some mitochondria and some vacuoles (ovals)...

Cartoon Cell Second Step

And now some ribosomes (small circles), the rough and smooth endoplasmic reticuli, and the golgi apparatus...

Cartoon Cell Second Step

And finally... finish it off with lots of little details - thus completing the cytoplasm.

Cartoon Cell Second Step

A splash of color!

Cartoon Cell Second Step

And you're done! :-)

Again - the color scheme I used above - doesn't necessarily depict its true colors, but they are meant to give it a more fun and interesting look.

I hope you had fun with this lesson. See you soon for another!


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