Cartoon Catfish Drawing Lesson

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Finally!... back for another lesson - this time - a cartoon catfish. See if you can relate what you learn here to draw other variations of this fish. For example - you could change the color and shape to yield a Channel Cat, a Mekong Giant, or even a Bullhead! Get creative.

Let's begin!


Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Catfish

To kick things off - first - go ahead and sketch out (or visualize anyway) the core shapes from which your drawing will be based on, giving your fish its structure. Notice how similar this approach is to the shark and whale from before.

This example should help to cement the structure involved ahead of time - before you place any lines...

Cartoon Catfish First Step

Fading out the framework, go ahead and draw the first eye, as well as the beginning of the top of its head...

Cartoon Catfish First Step

Next up - bring the rest of the head into view. Notice how the whisker/barb is above the mouth area. Little things like this help to give your drawing depth...

Cartoon Catfish Second Step

Moving down to the stomach area - as well as to the left fin - carefully sketch in the different areas of your catfish...

Cartoon Catfish Second Step

Once you've got those details which appear foremost in your drawing - going 'in behind' to bring out the other core parts - its much much easier...

Cartoon Catfish Second Step

Just before we add some color - and plus any additional details --- here's what we've got...

Cartoon Catfish Second Step

And then - with the addition of some 'catfishy' colors (tan, black, grey, brown, etc.)... the drawing looks a lot better...

Cartoon Catfish Second Step

And there you have it - that's how to draw a cartoon catfish! I hope you had fun with this lesson - stay tuned for another soon on the way. :-)


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