How to Draw a Cartoon Cat

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In this cartoon cat drawing lesson, I've outlined a method to ever-so-simply, recreate a unique feline of your own. You'll notice I use some rather 'sketchy' freestyle lines to bring across the appearance of fur. Really, it's just one of many ways to go about it.

Also - you'll notice that it looks somewhat like the 'Rag doll' variety of cats. They're called 'Rag dolls' because whenever you pick them up (I think most of the time anways...) - the go limp in your arms - just like a rag doll.

Here's the lesson...


First Step - The Framework for a Simple Cat Drawing

First up - go ahead and draw a simple framework from which to bring your drawing into view. You can sketch this lightly in pencil - erasing it later when you're all done. Or, you can look upon this pattern and let it sink in a bit before you go on to draw your lines.

Here it is...

Cartoon Cat First Step Cartoon Cat First Step

It's clear - this animal is observed sitting, yet slightly turned at an angle. I've used the grey cross markings on the face oval to indicate this.

And now - let's do some drawing!

Second Step - How to Draw a Cartoon Cat

Start with the face, and then - work your way out and down from there. If you want to make your cat's eyes ovular (so you can color them blue at the very end... please do! I'm going to keep things nice and simple all the way through.

Here are the steps...

Cartoon Cat Second Step Cartoon Cat Second Step Cartoon Cat Second Step Cartoon Cat Second Step Cartoon Cat Second Step Cartoon Cat Second Step

Notice those 'sketchy' fur lines once again. Really, there's no 'rhyme or reason' with respect to a pattern by which I drew them. Nope - completely random.

So, when looking upon the example images... please don't try to make all the same little twists and turns. Let go, and let the lines happen. Sure - easier said than drawn, BUT - it's all about being creative. So do your best!

Daniel - I hope you enjoyed this lesson. :-)

Til next time!


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