How to Draw Cartoon Birds


Animals being such a broad subject - this 'cartoon birds' section is for all the bird lovers out there...

Those that love to draw too of course!

Actually, there was a lesson that I created closer to the time when the site was just getting started.

It shows how you can use the same basic structure to draw an assortment of different birds - all shapes and sizes.

It's quite simple - just gotta add some creativity.


More on this...

It's refreshing to know - that unlike other animals, ones more complex in structure, like mammals, for example...

Cartoon Birds

These feathered creatures, are easier to draw - given that they all *pretty much* take on the same basic shape.

A circle for the head.

An oval - perhaps, for the body.

Triangles for wings, and the beak.

Really, to make each bird different - it's all about focusing on what each one looks like in real life, and then tweaking the lines that you map on and around this simple arrangement of shapes...

To come up with the specific bird, you're trying to draw.


And so...

From eagles to toucans to penguins to flamingos...

Click on one of the pictures or links below, and begin drawing!


***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon DoveA Peaceful Cartoon Dove
Learn how to draw a very peaceful bird - a cartoon dove in flight.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon ToucanFollow Your Nose... And Draw a Toucan!
Get creative - and design the perfect look and color-scheme for a tropical cartoon toucan.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon RobinCartoon Robin
Draw your very own - very unique - very original - and very bird-like... cartoon robin!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon SwanCartoon Swan
Learn how to draw a unique-looking cartoon swan. Notice how it's similar to the duck!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon OwlCartoon Owl
Use this lesson to help you create a unique cartoon owl --- the variety of your choice.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon DucksDrawing Simple Cartoon Ducks
When drawing cartoon ducks, it helps to first visualize the two simple shapes from which they're composed.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon ChickenSimple Cartoon Chicken Lesson
What came first, the cartoon chicken or the egg? Well, with respect to this drawing lesson - neither!

***g3.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon QuetzalCartoon Quetzal
So here's how to draw one of the most beautiful *yet hard to ever see!* birds in the world... the elusive quetzal.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon FlamingoCartoon Flamingo
Learn how to draw a cartoon flamingo. Note the exaggeration on the head. It's bigger! Makes for an interesting cartoon.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon OstrichCartoon Ostrich
Here, draw a unique-looking cartoon ostrich. See if you can section off specific areas to help with color and feathers.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon PeacockCartoon Peacock
In this lesson, it's all about peacocks. Simplify one of your own into a cool cartoon bird drawing.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds VultureDraw a Vulture
Here's how to draw a cartoon vulture. Like no other - strive to make yours unique! Let go and make it happen.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds HummingbirdA Cute Hummingbird!
Learn how to draw a hummingbird - small, cute and cartoonified. Switch up the color scheme!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds TurkeyDraw a Turkey
Here's a very unique and funny-looking cartoon turkey to draw. Ever seen one like this before?

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon ParrotCartoon Parrot
Learn how to draw a Macaw cartoon parrot - red, blue and yellow - just as they are known to be!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon CrowIntelligent Cartoon Crow
Learn how to draw a cartoon crow, one of the smartest birds on the entire planet! Click here to get started.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon TurkeyDraw a Cartoon Turkey
Using a guideline of three circles, drawing a cartoon turkey just like this one is easy to do.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon EagleDraw a Cartoon Eagle
Here, learn how to draw a soaring, stealth-like cartoon eagle. It should help you draw other raptors too!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon BirdsDrawing Cartoon Birds
Take your cartoon birds a step further by learning how the same 'bird framework' can yield many different birds!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Birds Cartoon PenguinsMarch of the Cartoon Penguins
It's the march of the cartoon penguins! Check out this lesson to learn how to draw a penguin of your own.


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