Cartoon Alien Drawing Lessons


Ah yes - a page on the site, sole for cartoon alien drawing lessons!

So do you like watching Alien movies?

I sure do!

In the past years, you might have noticed an increase in the number of alien movies that are being made - as so many people love learning *or imagining the possibilities, anyway* about mysterious beings from outer space.

It's amazing how artistic people can be when they portray extraterrestrials.

Much the same with dragons and monsters - creatures that don't exist in our world - as artists, we have tons of leeway, as to how we can depict them.


A common theme in popular media...

People are sometimes under the impression - that aliens may visit earth, with the intention of destroying it.

So yes - in this case, perhaps we might imagine ones looking like giant octopi or monsters with numerous tentacles.

Cartoon Alien
Cartoon Alien Nostalgia

But then, there are also other more serious-looking but not-so-scary aliens...

Ones with large and inflated heads - with bony facial features and big almond-shaped eyes.

But then again...

Not all are being depicted to look as scary, or serious-looking.

Take a look at Stitch from Walt Disney, for instance.

Isn’t he adorable?

Or how about Marvin the Martian?

Maybe you can also recall the cute toy aliens in Toy Story that have three eyes.


Well yes, here on this page of the site, it's all about drawing beings from outer space.

So pick up a pencil or stylus - and let your imagination run wild!



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