How to Draw an Apple iPad

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OK. In this cartoon drawing lesson - let's tackle the Apple iPad, one of the most popular tech products on the market.

Using Photoshop, I created this cartoon replica - to look as close as possible to the real thing, yet simplified - so that it's easier to visualize and create.

Please use the steps, here on this page - to help understand the sequence, to perhaps best draw, this popular Apple gadget.

Let's begin!


Learn How to Draw a Apple iPad

First thing then - go ahead and sketch out a basic frame for your device.

In Photoshop, it's easy - as you can use various "shape tools" which keep lines nice and straight, or perfectly curved...

Wherever you need them to be.

Here's the basic look - in the beginning...

Apple iPad

Using a ruler of course - go ahead and draw in some more lines - to help your drawing resemble even more so, an Apple iPad.

Circle button? Check.

Dock area? Check.

And the green horizontal line...

Apple iPad

Shows where the horizon will be - in a cartoonified image of the popular wallpaper background, you often see in the models Apple uses, to advertise its product.

As always though, have fun - and come up with your own interesting wallpaper. Just follow these steps, to have a better idea of when and how, to sketch it in.

Oh - and do the same with the apps too...

Have fun! Get creative!

Apple iPad

OK. So here it is now, apps in place - just like the real Apple iPad.

Next up - it's on to the lines!


So first thing then, bring out the perimeter of the device, once again - as well as the screen area, like so...

Apple iPad

And next up...

The dock, button, top menu area - and then, as I've decided to go with in this particular Apple iPad example - the horizon line, with a 'squiggly' line on top - one that will eventually become the water, mountain range, and sky...

Of the wallpaper.

Again, get creative. You can draw ANYTHING here - so go ahead and have fun sketching a wallpaper.

Just keep in mind though - if you're drawing it out on paper, make a note of where the apps are - so you don't have to go erasing to much, a bit later on.

Apple iPad

Fading out to grey, what we've already drawn - as the lesson proceeds...

Next, go ahead and bring forth the apps.

Looking like this...

Apple iPad

And now - with the basic Apple iPad look, complete...

It's coloring time!

In Photoshop, I've used a gradient - dark grey to black, for its main color...

Apple iPad

And same thing with the mountain - again, a gradient - two shades of brown this time...Apple iPad

Next up - some color for your apps.

Again, this is a point - where you'll probably want to spend more time.

Have fun drawing animals, people, letters, logos, etc. - for all of your replica or imaginary apps...

Apple iPad

And then - in the very end - *nice and simplified* - here's the iPad complete...

Apple iPad

Compare this cartoon drawing, to a photo of a real Apple iPad - and you'll see how I've left out some details, things like buttons (volume and power) on the side, and things like text and menu items also.

The point?

The goal - being to create a cartoony *simplified* version of the real thing...

It's not necessary to go overboard with details.

The main thing, is that when someone looks at the finished product, they'll think - "Yes, that's an iPad".


Hope you enjoyed it! See you real soon, for another lesson. :-)


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