Ancient World History Cartoons


Let's take a step back - WAY BACK... into ancient world history.

Another passion of mine, aside from drawing...

Is reading and learning about ancient civilizations - groups of people that lived a very long time ago.

To name a few examples: Babylon, Sumer, Egypt, the Incas, Olmecs, Nazcas and Mayans.

Even the Atlanteans (skeptically speaking of course!).


Here in this section of the site, I'd like to combine these two interests - drawing and the study of ancient times...

Ancient World History

Here, you'll find fun-yet-thought-provoking lessons about different things (statues, structures, etc.) that existed/occurred a long time ago...

...many while not in their initial perfect condition...

Into one.

Still exist in the world today.

So - does this sound good to you?

I hope so.

It's really all the more fun when we get to draw based on subjects that truly interest us.

This is just another way to make it happen.

Click on a lesson and draw!


***g2.shtml***Easter IslandEaster Island
Learn how to draw the Stone Heads of Easter Island - cartoonified and with character! :-)


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